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Sell Your Car for Cash in the West Coast USA

Welcome to the online home of, Dollars for Cars, West Coast.  We are a company that does just what our name implies; we pay you for your cars. We are dedicated to serving our customers from the West Coast of the United States by giving them the most for their vehicles.  We are not a salvage yard. We buy running, luxury and high-end vehicles and some mid-size as well.  Your vehicle can be bought outright from us or traded in for one of the many gently used vehicles we have for sale. At Dollars for Cars, we can help you free up cash and rid yourself of car loan or lease obligations, and perhaps turn 1 car, into 2.

Our West Coast neighbors have had to contend with droughts, wild fires and ever-rising gas prices. All of these are stress-producing situations. Not all of these can be remedied by selling your luxury or high-end vehicle. However, the price of gas can surely make one re-think the type of vehicle you drive.  Especially if you contend with heavily congested city driving. It may have come time to trade in your high-end or luxury car, for a smaller more efficient car. Conversely, those of our West Coast neighbors who live in the wildfire plagued areas of the region may need to sell that luxury vehicle or trade it in towards a 4-wheel drive SUV that will get you and your family and some belongings through rough terrain and out of harm’s way if needed.

At the same time, outstanding car loans and lease commitments can make folks hesitant to sell. Well, actually, Dollars for Cars can help you with that. Selling your high-end or luxury vehicle at a premium price point may enable you to pay down that car loan.  Then if you want to buy that smaller car or 4-wheel drive SUV we can work on getting you into the driver’s seat.

Just fill in the form here on our site, giving all the detailed information about your car, and our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff we will make you an offer. These offers will be based on many criteria, the local and national market values being 2 of them.  If you decide to sell us your high-end or luxury car and not purchase another vehicle, you will be paid the quoted price in a speedy manner.

At Dollars for Cars, we believe in being fair and upfront with our customers.  We would like to be able to make our West Coast neighbors customers for life, returning to us again and again for help with your car sales and purchases.