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Dollars For Cars is America’s #1 online auto buying service, especially when it comes to getting cash for your luxury car, cash for your clunker and getting you away from those high monthly car payments.  Selling a car requires meeting with potential buyers at inconvenient times, placing and refreshing online and paper advertisements, and nearly always ends up with stressful negotiations that no one has the time for.

Save yourself the aggravation! Choose Dollars for Cars!  We buy any car, all makes/models and have expertise in moving high end vehicles.

Dollars for Cars leverages the buying power of locations and partnerships across the United States.  We offer your vehicle to auction houses, new car dealers and overseas car buyers, which often resulting in multiple cash offers.  This gives you maximum selling power that could never be found through local methods.

Dollars for Cars delivers the cash that you deserve fast, confidentially and hassle free.  Our team will either come to you or a local office location to service you.  Once the deal is made, we can move forward quickly and you receive cash on the spot.

In a loan or lease that is dragging you down?  You are not alone.  Every day,  thousands of consumers wish they could get out of their car notes. Dollars for cars can also help remove the weight of a bad financial situation.  Call us today or fill out the form and tell us more.

Your satisfaction is our most important priority.  Our goal is that once you sell your car with Dollars For Cars, you'll not only think of us in the future but be like many of our customers and tell a friend!